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Roast Potatoes with Guajillo Chili Oil

July 02, 2019

Perhaps the only trait I exhibit from my Irish heritage is my love for potatoes. I usually season my potatoes with dryer spices, and maybe…

Thai Wok Fried Noodles

February 28, 2019

This is somewhere between pad kee mao and pad see ew . This is a very flexible recipe - you’ll need some rice noodles, vegetables, and…

Running Kubernetes on bare metal: kubeadm, traefik, and more

January 27, 2019

Background While in college, I wanted an economical way to have a solid storage solution for my 2.5TB of photos (25mb+ each…) that didn’t…

Quick Let's Encrypt Certificates with Certbot's Cloudflare DNS plugin

January 15, 2019

I use Let’s Encrypt often to generate valid publicly trusted certificates for testing, but DCV can be annoying to do over and over again. In…